About Sky


Sky is a bohemian-chic fashion brand inspired by a bold and free-spirited woman that is never afraid to be on the cusp of new trends. Started in the early 2000’s by a husband and wife duo, Sky has evolved from a small family business to a thriving clothing brand known for its vibrant color palettes, unique embellishments, and flattering silhouettes. Sky prides itself on handcrafted designs made of the highest quality from their production facilities in sunny Los Angeles, California.

A lover of daring prints and unique details, the Sky woman is always having fun—whether she is taking road trips to music festivals, going out on the town, or running around the park with her kids. Sky represents a wide range of women that love fashion for its ability to express one’s distinctive personality. Always a dreamer and always on the go, the Sky woman is the perfect combination of vintage charm and modern sophistication. Sky is a contemporary women’s brand that reflects the eclectic, sensual spirit of Southern California style.